All about the "new" KUDDE dog beds

All about the "new" KUDDE dog beds

Oops, where has the KUDDE Comfort gone? And why is there no longer a test KUDDE? Many customers are wondering what the new KUDDE dog bed is all about. SABRO founder Sandra Brockmann answers them for us.

Oops, where has the KUDDE Comfort gone? And why is there no longer a test KUDDE? Many customers are wondering what the new KUDDE dog beds are all about. SABRO founder Sandra Brockmann answers them for us.

Why is there a new KUDDE dog bed now?

"One year after launching SABRO, we brought our KUDDE dog bed onto the market. It quickly became clear that we had struck a chord with dog owners. With the KUDDE, we have created a dog bed that is inspired by nature: just as wolves dig a hole to sleep in outdoors, our KUDDE has raised edges that invite you to lay your head down comfortably - whether dozing, resting or sleeping.

The KUDDE also appeals to dogs' natural wolf instinct, so they accept this dog bed very quickly. The KUDDE also makes it easy for dogs to stretch out completely when lying down, which is important for healthy sleep. The special mattress core supports the spine when lying down and is worth a full ten-year guarantee to us. Because we are more than convinced by our KUDDE . That's why we have now fine-tuned it to offer all dogs an even better sleeping experience. And best of all: our customers get even more for their money, because a cozy insert is now included with the purchase."


The secret of the "new" KUDDE is the individual foam density

What subtle optimizations have been made to the new KUDDE?

"Since 1996, we have sold over a quarter of a million KUDDE dog beds. However, we didn't want to wait another two years to celebrate a fitting 25th anniversary. We want to offer our customers improved products immediately. And that's not all: we're not simply replacing our well-known KUDDE variants, but adapting them to the spirit of the times, offering them extensive testing options and soon also enabling them to mix & match.

Our KUDDE dog bed is still available in different sizes, always tailored to the respective breeds and their typical back height/length. However, the sizes now differ not only in their length and width, but also individually in their mattress foam thickness: as small, light dogs do not sink in as deeply as heavier and larger ones, we have refined the optimum ratio of the mattress foam and adapted it even better. Particularly in the edge areas, optimized compression hardnesses tailored to the respective dog weights ensure that every dog receives the pressure relief that is even better suited to them."



Each KUDDE can now be tested for a full 100 days (formerly test KUDDE)

What exactly is the KUDDE dream campaign?

"First of all, the dream campaign is our new idea of customer service: until now, customers had to order our special test KUDDE to test the KUDDE. This is now a thing of the past. Anyone who buys a KUDDE dog bed from us can test it for a full 100 days in the dog's usual territory. Just like typical mattress manufacturers for humans. If, contrary to expectations, the dog does not accept our KUDDE, we will take it back free of charge within Germany and refund the full purchase price. For all other countries, we charge a small shipping fee. This means for our customers: No more ordering a special test KUDDE or weighing up "do I really do this now". From now on, every KUDDE can be ordered and tested extensively - without any risk."



Which KUDDE do I need to order if I want to buy the classic KUDDE?

"If you want the classic KUDDE, first choose the desired color, then the right size and then HÄLSO100 as the foam. This corresponds to our classic KUDDE, so to speak, including the optimized foam compression hardness."

Does the KUDDE Comfort no longer exist?

"That's right, we no longer carry the KUDDE Comfort under this name. We have also made improvements here. The orthopaedic HÄLSO100 PLUS VISKO foam inside is a consistent further development of the previous visco-foam with memory function of our predecessor KUDDE Comfort. This mattress foam reacts to the dog's body heat and therefore offers optimum pressure-relieving support. So if you have an older dog or a dog with back problems, simply order the HÄLSO100 PLUS VISKO variant under "Foam" and you will receive the successor to the KUDDE Comfort."


Every KUDDE can soon become a travel cot (formerly KUDDE To Go)

Where has the KUDDE To Go gone?

"This is indeed not yet available. But that will change soon. We will soon be offering a special KUDDE vacuum bag that turns every KUDDE into a travel cot, regardless of whether it is the KUDDE version with HÄLSO100 or HÄLSO100 PLUS VISKO foam. In this way, we would like to offer all KUDDE users the option of turning the KUDDE into a KUDDE To Go at a later date."


So much for the most important questions about the "new" KUDDE . Do you still have questions about the dream campaign or the new KUDDE variants? Then please let us know in the comments.

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