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Bambu food bowlBambu food bowl
Bambu food bowl Elegant ceramic dog bowl with sustainable bamboo frame
Offer priceFrom€15,90
Beef ear treat Perfect chewing fun for medium to large dogs
Offer price €12,00
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Salmon dog snackSalmon dog snack
Salmon dog snack With omega-3 fatty acids for normal body function
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Dog snack shrimps For a tasty reward in between meals
Offer price €9,00
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Beef dog snackBeef dog snack
Beef dog snack Indescribably popular, even with picky four-legged friends
Offer price €9,00
Lexi Single feeding rack Healthy food for your four-legged friend
Offer priceFrom€15,00
Wall bracket Lexi Double For individual determination of the feed height
Offer priceFrom€35,00
Wall bracket Lexi Single For individual feeding
Offer priceFrom€29,00
Cookie cutter set of 3 For the perfect DIY dog snacks
Offer price €8,00
Lexi dog bowl A bowl full of benefits
Offer priceFrom€16,00
Lexi Double food stand Healthy food for your four-legged friend
Offer priceFrom€19.00
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Lamb dog snackLamb dog snack
Lamb dog snack Ideal for overweight and allergy-prone dogs
Offer price €9,00
Ice mold for dog ice cream A delicious refreshment in no time at all
Offer priceFrom€7.99
Scalp strips 500g Delicious snack, keeps you busy for a long time
Offer price €12,00
Silicone dog ice mold Stylish paw-shaped ice cream mold
Offer price €9,00


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At SABRO, the focus is on the well-being of dogs. As people who love animals, we develop products that are designed to make life easier for and with dogs. For almost 30 years, we have been accompanied by numerous animals that have tested our products without fail. Our motto: Only products that are enthusiastically accepted find their place in our range. Our passion for pet supplies sets us apart from other suppliers.


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Love goes through the stomach

Bowls & snacks for a healthy dog

Feeding made easy

Feeding is certainly one of the highlights of the day for your dog. In addition to the food, the choice of food bowl is also important: large dogs should be fed at chest height, as gobbling up is unhealthy. Our food racks are available in many heights, including a puppy rail that grows with your dog.

You'll find a matching food bowl here, as well as treats and chews to reward your pet for being the best dog in the world.

Small treats in between: Dogs love them just as much as we humans do. This makes it all the more important to feed your dog the right snacks to keep them healthy, fit and happy.

We at SABRO give you an overview of which dog treats are suitable for your faithful friend. We'll also tell you what you can look out for in these little snacks. If you have any questions, just get in touch with us and we will be happy to advise you.

Dog treats as a reward

As much as your dog enjoys treats and chews, they should never be given arbitrarily. This is because they act as a reward. It is therefore easy to combine the useful with the pleasant. Reward your dog after training, a quiet walk on the lead or when he has done something well.

Treats are an expression of love and appreciation. At the same time, they serve as positive reinforcers for the good behavior that we as dog owners want to encourage. Always reward specifically when your dog has behaved correctly. Later, when the command and behavior are in place, you can reduce the treats somewhat. However, you should not skimp on praise and cuddles.

Healthy treats and chews for your dog

With so many different dog treats and chews, it is important to take a close look at the ingredients. Because only high-quality treats provide your pet with vitamins and proteins. They are also much easier to digest and do not cause any health problems such as tartar or intolerances. Flavor enhancers and sugar have no place here. Cereals should also be avoided wherever possible.

Natural ingredients are best: Meat or vegetables. Dried meat is particularly popular. Not only does it taste delicious to your dog, it also contains important vitamins and proteins that he needs.

If you are training your young dog or are training particularly intensively on a particular day, it is best to use low-calorie treats and reduce the main food accordingly so that your dog does not become fat. Snacks should generally make up less than 10 % of the total daily ration.

Advantages of treats and dog snacks at a glance:

  • Reward for correct behavior
  • Love and appreciation for your dog
  • Supply of vitamins and proteins
  • Some additional functions such as tooth cleaning

Find the right treats and chews

The reward should be suitable for your pet. Several factors play a role here: age, weight and size.

For puppies and young dogs, who are still learning a lot and get even more treats, go for low-calorie varieties. However, the snacks should be particularly soft so that they are easy to chew.

You should also use treats carefully for adult dogs. If your dog tends to put on weight, low-calorie snacks are also helpful here to keep the weight off.

The rewards should be small for on the go so that you can easily carry them in your pocket and have them quickly to hand.

If you want to keep your dog busy for a while, chews are best. They also help to clean the teeth.

Delicious and healthy dog treats from SABRO

Small treats and chews for dogs await you in our range. We also offer molds for you to make your own treats for your furry friend.

Chews to keep them busy and clean their teeth

The German premium quality beef scalp strips will keep your dog busy for a while. He has fun chewing on the tasty, long-fibered pieces and cleans his teeth at the same time. This helps prevent dental problems.

Our dried beef ears are a low-fat permanent treat.

Always remember to offer your dog plenty of water after a chew.

Accessories for treats

If you would like to make some treats for your pet yourself, we have just the thing for you. With our dog ice cream mold made of high-quality food-grade silicone, you can make delicious dog ice cream. Your dog is guaranteed to love this cool treat on hot summer days.

Christmas is not the only time for cookies. You can also make healthy snacks for your dog all year round with our cookie cutter set of 3.

To ensure that all treats are well packaged and stay fresh for a long time, you can also get our Kex food tin from us. And when you're out and about, the best way to store the small rewards is in our food dummy.

What makes a good dog bowl

Before you decide on a particular dog food bowl, there are a few things to consider. A food bowl should always fit the animal, i.e. have the right size and shape. It must also be easy to clean and hygienic. This makes it easy to clean and prevents germs from forming that could harm your dog. Therefore, pay particular attention to the material from which the bowl is made.

Note these properties for dog bowls:

  • Size of the dog
  • Feeding behavior
  • Material and size of the food bowl
  • Feeding location (at home or on the road)

The material and size of the food bowl are crucial

The material plays an important role in an ergonomic dog bowl. Because not every bowl can be used without hesitation. For example, plastic bowls can contain harmful additives such as plasticizers. Melamine, which is more stable and break-resistant than plastic, can also release formaldehyde when heated in the microwave.

Ceramic is suitable as a food bowl if it is intended for food. However, it breaks more easily. Stainless steel is ideal for dog bowls. The unbreakable material impresses with its durability. It also contains no toxins and is absolutely hygienic.

For the size, simply calculate the approximate volume of the usual amount of food in a dog's meal. Roughly speaking, you can say that the right bowl should hold four times the volume. Another criterion is the dog breed or dog size. A small Yorkshire Terrier will not be able to eat comfortably from a large dog bowl for Great Danes.

Pay attention to your dog's needs

As much as you would like your dog to eat from a stainless steel bowl, sometimes the animal decides against it and prefers a ceramic or plastic bowl. Always pay attention to your pet's individual needs so that they can eat in peace.

For a Basset or Cocker Spaniel, for example, a bowl with a high rim is a good idea so that the long floppy ears don't get caught in the food.

If you opt for a feeding station consisting of a food and water bowl, make sure that no food scraps accidentally fall into the water. This will then become contaminated.

If your dog tends to get fat, you can use a smaller dog bowl. It helps you not to feed more than necessary and the portions still look bigger.

Don't leave food out for your dog if he doesn't eat it straight away. The food can spoil and dogs should not have a full bowl at their disposal all the time, as you can train a fussy eater this way.

It is important that both the food and water bowls are cleaned daily and rinsed out with boiling water. The drinking water must also be changed daily.

Dog bowls from SABRO for your darling

In our range you will find high-quality dog bowls and food stands in various sizes.

Stainless steel dog food bowl

Our Lexi dog bowl is made of Swedish stainless steel and still looks like new even after years of use. Practical, hygienic and robust, it fits perfectly into everyday life. It is easy to clean in the dishwasher and remains absolutely rust-free.

You can choose between five different sizes to make sure you make the right choice for your dog:

  • Volume: 0.3 to 4 liters
  • Diameter: approx. 13 cm to 23.5 cm
  • Height: approx. 3 cm to 13 cm

Feeding racks and wall brackets

Wolves normally lie down to eat. Many of our dogs do not have this patience and eat their meal standing up. Large dogs in particular should not eat their food upwards, but at chest height. A food stand - either single or double - for the Lexi bowls helps here. All food stands are fitted with rubber stoppers on the feet so that they stand securely.

If you have a permanent feeding place for your dog, you can attach the dog bowl to a wall bracket.