Only the best for our four-legged friends

At SABRO, the focus is on the well-being of dogs. As people who love animals, we develop products that are designed to make life easier for and with dogs. For almost 30 years, we have been accompanied by numerous animals that have tested our products without fail.

From the very beginning, we started to develop a wide range of horse accessories in addition to dog products. We recognized that there was a need for optimization in horse products and focused on the welfare of the animals when developing the products. This resulted in numerous articles for horses and riders, some of which were patented. In 2024, we then decided to discontinue our horse range in order to concentrate even more on suitable dog accessories.

Our motto: Only what is enthusiastically accepted finds its place in our range. Our associated passion for pet supplies sets us apart from other suppliers.

The team

The people behind SABRO

Behind SABRO is a team of people with great ideas. People who love animals and work every day to ensure that dogs in particular are happy. By developing new products, adapting them and sending them to you. But it's not us, it's our products that should convince you. That's why we put our heart and soul into everything that makes the daily lives of dogs and two-legged friends more comfortable.

Erk Wiese

Managing director & man for everything

We at SABRO love dogs and stand behind every product with a clear conscience. There is nothing better for us than developing great new products for your furry friends


Lara Luckert

eCom Manager & Shop Manager

Our long history

The "SABRO" idea is born

Our founder, Mrs. Sandra Brockmann, exhibits her products imported from Sweden for the first time at the sled dog race in Clausthal-Zellerfeld. The focus has always been on the welfare of the animal.

KUDDE Patent

Your favorite dog bed KUDDE is sold so often that we want to protect it from being copied: We are applying for a patent for the KUDDE.