Do dogs need a blanket in winter? The advantages for your four-legged friend

Do dogs need a blanket in winter? The advantages for your four-legged friend

Do dogs need a blanket in winter? The advantages for your four-legged friend
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As soon as winter sets in and the temperatures drop, your four-legged friend will also want to be a little cozier. If you're wondering what you can do to keep your dog nice and warm indoors, the fluffy solution could be a dog blanket. Such a blanket makes the dog bed even more comfortable, keeps out the cold and gives your dog the necessary warmth during the cold season - because not all dog breeds can guarantee this with their fur and body heat alone.

We explain when and for which dogs a blanket makes sense in winter and what advantages it also has in other seasons!

Look out for the signs: How to tell if your dog is cold!

Since your four-legged friend unfortunately cannot tell you that he is cold, you as his owner are particularly in demand! Always look out for possible signs of cold: you may notice that your furry friend is curling its tail while arching its back upwards, walking much slower than usual, adopting a strange posture or moving atypically. These can all be signs of freezing. Of course, it is most obvious if your dog is already shivering from the cold.

Here's a general rule of thumb for you: If it's too cold for humans in winter, it's too cold for your dog.

These dogs definitely need a blanket in winter

Basically, it is impossible to say in general terms which dogs are cold and which are not, because, as with us humans, all dogs freeze differently - sometimes even dogs of the same breed. While some dogs freeze even at low plus temperatures and need dog clothing, blankets and paw protection, other four-legged friends can easily withstand sub-zero temperatures. That's why it's so important that you are always attentive to your dog.

Nevertheless, certain factors play a role in whether the dog gets cold (quickly) and whether it therefore needs a cozy blanket in winter. Smaller dogs, such as dwarf dog breeds from poodles to Yorkshire terriers, lose their body heat much more quickly due to their small size. This also applies to older dogs, which cool down much more quickly due to a reduced metabolism. But even dogs with thin coats and no undercoat, such as Dalmatians, find it difficult to cope with cold temperatures in winter.

For all these dogs (breeds), a fluffy blanket makes perfect sense in winter - in fact, it is essential to protect your dog from frostbite. If you haven't found a suitable blanket yet, our Silktouch dog blanket is the perfect choice: the exceptionally soft blanket provides your furry friend with cozy warmth and comfort in the cold seasons. The two layers of SilkTouch make the dog blanket particularly cuddly - so your dog no longer has to freeze.

Advantages of a dog blanket

Of course, cozy blankets don't just keep your four-legged friend warm in winter, but also provide a comfortable and warm dog bed all year round. A dog blanket therefore has the advantage that your four-legged friend can build their own little nest in their dog bed thanks to the blanket.

After all, dogs love to rest in a comfortable place and take a nap. A cozy dog blanket like Mynki increases the comfort in the dog bed enormously, so that your pet can sleep much more restfully - especially on cold winter nights!

Another advantage of a dog blanket can be the protection of your furniture: For example, if you spread the blanket out on the sofa in a place where your dog likes to rest, you protect the upholstery from dirty paws or fur. This way, the blanket is not only good for your dog, but also for your furniture.


SABRO tip for the winter: A dog blanket at home and dog clothes outside!

Dogs that are already cold in the house are usually also happy if they don't have to take a long walk through the snow in winter when the temperature is below 7 °C - although exercise is of course important.

So if your dog gets cold quickly or is generally sensitive to the cold, you should get a dog blanket for indoors and keep the unavoidable time outside on walks as short as possible. It's also best to get your dog protective dog clothing such as a dog coat or dog sweater when going outside in winter. Especially for dogs that naturally get cold more easily (e.g. due to thin fur), warm protective clothing is a must!

Even if some dog owners still roll their eyes when it comes to dog clothing: Sweaters, coats and the like for dogs have a purely supportive function and are by no means intended to fulfill a fashionable aspect. So before your pet shivers from the cold or suffers frostbite on a walk in winter, it's better to opt for dog clothing.


Conclusion: Why dogs need a blanket in winter

The answer to the in-depth question of whether dogs need a blanket in winter can be answered succinctly with YES. And that is whenever you notice that your dog's body or paws are cold. You can clearly recognize this as soon as your dog is shivering, but an unusual gait or a hunched back can also be signs of freezing.

In the house, you should therefore offer your dog a fluffy dog blanket to make the dog area more comfortable and warmer. With cuddly blankets such as our Silktouch dog blanket, your dog can build a nest at night so that they don't freeze on particularly cold days. You can also place the blanket on your furniture to protect the upholstery from dirt and fur at the same time.

And because protective warmth outdoors is just as important for dogs as it is for humans, it's best to dress your freezing dog - whether it's a small or large breed, with or without undercoat, young or old - in warm dog clothing such as a sweater, coat or paw protection before heading out into the snow in winter.

Get through the winter together! 

We look forward to your personal opinion in a comment: Does your dog need a blanket in winter? What are your experiences?

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