Home office with a dog: what you should bear in mind

Home office with a dog: what you should bear in mind

Are you currently working from home? Or have you always been? Or would you like to start your own business soon? As a dog owner, this is a completely different challenge, because your beloved four-legged friend likes to demand attention from time to time. In our journal, we reveal how we master the challenge of working from home with a dog. And give you directly applicable tips to try out, copy and pass on.
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Everyone is currently talking about working from home. This working model is not suitable for everyone, but given the current situation, it is more relevant than ever. While a stringent rethink is already required for normal households, working from home with children and pets can be a real test of endurance. We would like to inform you here about how working from home can be successful even with a dog. Here are our tips for you: to apply and copy directly. And to tell others without fail. Because only together can we successfully overcome situations like the current coronavirus pandemic.


Our top 10 tips for effective working from home with a dog 

Tip 1: Create a cozy place for your dog to stay in the home office

You will probably work around eight hours in the home office. Five days a week. If you can, use a comfortable office chair, a desk and a separate room. Admittedly, this is not always feasible. But what is easy is to create a cozy place for your dog in your home office where he feels comfortable. He needs a nice place to lie down and his favorite plaything, preferably somewhere close to you. You can find out what the ideal sleeping area for your dog looks like in our article "Why rest and sleep are so important for your dog".


Tip 2: Use a regular daily routine in the home office

The number one rule is: use your home office like an office in the company. Sure, that's easy to say when you're temporarily working at the dining table because you don't have or need a desk at home. But we also mean the regular daily routine in relation to your dog. Make it clear to him through your behavior that you are not at home privately and that you now have a lot of time for him. The best way to do this is not to be constantly distracted by your dog in between. Always remember: your dog spends most of the day sleeping (again, the reference to "That's why rest and sleep are so important for your dog") and is therefore a rather quiet office neighbor, unlike small children. So let him sleep or doze and concentrate on your work during this time.

Tip 3: Walk your dog early in the morning

You should use the early hours of the morning to take your dog for a walk. Firstly, you will meet fewer people, secondly, you can start the working day in your home office fresher and thirdly: your dog has already had its quality time with you. Back at home, let your dog eat, preferably have breakfast yourself and then he can lie down next to you in the home office and rest. And you can work in peace until lunchtime. Then you should take the dog out again. On dark, rainy days, a light harness is recommended from dusk. You can find out more about walking your dog in the dark in our blog post "Walking your dog in the dark".

Tip 4: What your dog needs in the home office in the afternoon

Experience has shown that your dog will become a little more restless in the afternoon and will try really hard or even harder to distract you in the home office. Give him something he can occupy himself with for longer, such as a chewy item like our beef ears, which he can literally nibble on for a long time. Toys that can be filled with treats, such as a Kong, are also a good activity for your dog now. Do you need treats? Then look forward to tip 8.

Tip 5: A little balm for the soul of humans and dogs

You will love this tip and probably follow it the most: stand up and stroke your dog every now and then. It's good for you and for him too. But be careful: it's better not to do this when he asks you to or vies for your attention, but when he's deeply relaxed anyway.

Tip 6: Avoid excessive home office action with your dog

Regardless of whether it's you or your dog: you shouldn't challenge your dog too much or keep him too active in the home office. The more excited he is, the harder it is for him to calm down. What's more, he may see the home office as a place to be entertained from now on as a consequence. And you end up sitting at work for longer because you haven't managed to get anything done.


Tip 7: Be there for your dog even when working from home

Sure, that sounds contradictory to the previous tip. However, what we mean here is being together. Like wolves, your dog is a pack animal and therefore likes to be with his pack or at least parts of it. Treat him to this quality time by enjoying the time with him as much as he enjoys the time with you.

Treat recipes for dogs working from home

Tip 8: Bake your own dog treats

It doesn't always have to be the usual treats that you give your dog: simply bake treats together with him at the weekend for the next week together in the home office. We have two simple dog biscuit recipes for you that you can easily bake. Your dog will also be happy to snack on the leftovers and try the fragrant cookies.


Tip 9: Get your colleagues involved

Yes, we all know the feeling: you want to capture every situation in a picture because your beloved four-legged friend is looking so cute, sleeping or something similar. This results in some funny dog pictures. And they are ideal for sharing with animal-loving colleagues. Talk about everyday life in the home office, with or without a dog, and provide a little change from work. Even if you are holding an internal video conference, a dog in the picture can be a cute addition, provided the topic and the boss allow it.


Tip 10: See your dog as a colleague in the home office

Working from home is usually characterized by a certain amount of loneliness. But not with your dog by your side. He always has an open ear for you and likes to look at you with loyal puppy eyes when you tell him about an important aspect of your work. This helps immensely if you're used to working in a large office with lots of nice colleagues.


Have you been working from home for a long time or only recently? How do you organize your home office with a dog? We look forward to hearing about your experiences, adventures and tricks. Let us know in the comments.

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