Outdoor dog bed DIY: how to turn your KUDDE into an outdoor dog bed

Outdoor dog bed DIY: how to turn your KUDDE into an outdoor dog bed

Would you also like to use your KUDDE dog bed on the patio or in the garden? Then we have the perfect idea for you: here we show you our DIY tip for turning the KUDDE dog bed into an outdoor dog bed, even with two left hands.
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Is the KUDDE dog bed your dog's one and only? Does he not want to lie anywhere else? Now it's warm outside and the sun is shining. So it would be nice if you could also use your KUDDE as an outdoor dog bed. No problem! With just a little effort, you can turn your KUDDE dog bed into a real dog bed for outdoors, whether it's on the balcony, patio or in the garden. Here we show you how easy it is.

Cuddle on pallet as an outdoor dog bed 

Do It Yourself hack: your KUDDE dog bed for outdoors

The KUDDE dog bed is a retreat for your dog, on which he should lie comfortably and dry. It is therefore important that you do not use the KUDDE dog bed outdoors without a proper base. This base should also be air-permeable and robust and be raised so that no moisture can penetrate.

A chic solution for your outdoor dog bed: a Euro pallet, preferably in elegant white

The Euro pallet is made of wood, which has good outdoor properties anyway, and can be easily moved to the desired location due to its low weight. You can get Euro pallets ready to go in many DIY stores, and you may even be able to get used pallets as a gift from a logistics company in your area if they are to be disposed of anyway. You can recognize an original European pallet by the oval EPAL logo of the European Pallet Association. Also make sure that the pallet does not have the abbreviation MB on it, as this indicates that the pallet has been fumigated with methyl bromite, which has been banned since 2010 as it is toxic.

How to paint wooden pallets for your outdoor dog bed 

How to design the Euro pallet as a base for your outdoor dog bed in a color of your choice

If you don't like the shabby chic or vintage look, you can color the pallet according to your wishes and to match your KUDDE dog bed. You can find everything you need for this at your local DIY store.

This is how it works:

  1. Sand and smooth the entire Euro pallet with a random orbital sander
  2. Paint completely with a paint roller and primer (insulating primer / impregnation) - this insulates the materials in the pallet wood and prepares the pallet for the paint
  3. After drying, you need to roughly sand the Euro pallet again; it is best to use a multi-sander for this, or a sanding sponge for hard-to-reach areas
  4. Now paint completely with a wood varnish in your desired color using a paint roller and brush
  5. Leave to dry for another two days or so and you're done!

Do you tend to have two left hands? Then you're in luck: many DIY stores, online stores and even Amazon now offer white painted Euro pallets that you can use directly as a construction for your KUDDE outdoor dog bed.

Dog bed for outdoors: this is what an untreated Euro pallet looks like

Euro pallets have a standard size of 120 x 80 cm, so they can be used directly for the KUDDE dog bed S, M and L. If you have a KUDDE dog bed size XL or XXL in your home, you will need to put two Euro pallets together to use them as a base for your dog bed. It is best to screw these together on the underside, for example with several flat connectors and four to twelve stainless steel Spax screws each (unlike normal Spax screws, these do not rust) in several places so that your dog does not push the pallets apart due to its movement and, in the worst case, slips away and lands between the pallets.

You need our balm to care for your dog 

Is the KUDDE even suitable as an outdoor dog bed?

Basically yes, apart from the restrictions mentioned above due to cold and damp surfaces. And even in wet and rainy conditions, you should not leave the KUDDE dog bed outside, but bring it inside in good time. As the KUDDE dog bed is made of high-quality artificial leather, it is easy to wipe clean and you can remove any stains caused by leaving the dog bed outside in the countryside or in outdoor areas by simply wiping it with a damp cloth.

For more stubborn stains and for preventive treatment, we recommend our special KUDDE cleaner, which coats the KUDDE dog bed with a protective film that protects it from new stains and also cares for the artificial leather. If you want to do something extra good for your KUDDE, use our natural KUDDE balm regularly. Then you can enjoy a well-maintained cover for a long time.

SABRO Miljö Kudde replacement cover

You can further spice up your KUDDE outdoor dog bed with a replacement cover

If all else fails, you can also purchase a KUDDE replacement cover at any time. We also recommend our conventional artificial leather cover in a more robust color such as brown or a lightweight material such as our Summertime fabric for the summertime outdoors. To match the untreated Euro pallet, you can also use the KUDDE Miljö cover made of 100% sustainable Refabric material for your outdoor dog bed. This sofa-like cover fabric is made from 100% recycled polyester in accordance with the Ökotex & Global Recycled Standard. This reliably protects your pet from environmental allergens that can trigger itching and the like.

Have you already realized DIY ideas for your KUDDE dog bed? Share them with all KUDDE fans and write a comment.


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