Useful extra: emergency card for dogs

Useful extra: emergency card for dogs

Here you can get our SABRO emergency card for your pet. Here we tell you how important such an emergency card is if something happens and your dog is home alone.
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Your SABRO emergency card to print out yourself - now available here.

Our emergency card is designed to ensure the care of your pet if something should happen to you (which we hope it won't). It's a small piece of paper that can be a great help in an emergency.

The SABRO emergency card as a valuable helper in an emergency

We at SABRO love animals, and dogs in particular are very close to our hearts. That's why we always want them to be well looked after and cared for. Just imagine: you have to do some quick shopping just around the corner. Your dog is left alone at home for a short time. No matter what happens on your short shopping trip, if you are suddenly no longer able to go back home, your faithful four-legged friend will be waiting at home alone. And water and food will eventually run out. Let's go one step further: if you are unresponsive after an accident and therefore cannot tell anyone that you have a dog at home, this can have unpleasant consequences for him. Before someone from your family or circle of friends can take care of your dog on their own initiative, it may be too late.

The SABRO emergency card for dogs comes in a practical business card size

This is where our SABRO emergency card for dog owners comes into play. You can print it out yourself below. Keep it safe and carry it with you at all times, preferably in your wallet. We have designed the SABRO emergency card in a practical business card or bank card size so that it fits in one of the compartments of your wallet. But your jacket pocket or the glove compartment in your car are also a good place to store it. Ideally, you should use several emergency cards at once and store them in different places. Feel free to pass this tip on to other dog owner friends. In an emergency, the emergency card can save lives. Because better safe than sorry! In the event of an accident in which you are no longer responsive, experience has shown that the police or first responders will first search your wallet for ID and will therefore also find your emergency card for dog owners. This way, your dog will receive further care quickly.

The SABRO emergency card for dogs has enough space for information

In addition to the front page, which explains what the emergency card is all about, you will find various fields to fill in on the back. Think carefully beforehand about who you would like to register as your dog's caregiver. Your dog should know the person well and have already built up trust with them. It is therefore useless if the person is afraid of dogs or is barked away by your dog. In our experience, a cell phone number in particular allows you to reach the person quickly, as they can be reached independently of the landline. So enter a mobile phone number if possible. Now enter your name and your own address. Of course, your emergency contact knows your address. But if the person cannot be contacted, the address provides additional security, as the authorities or an animal welfare organization can then initiate care for your dog.

Download the SABRO dog emergency card here as a PDF to print out yourself

If you would like to have an emergency card, you can download the download the emergency card here as a PDF and print it out yourself, preferably on thicker paper. After cutting it out, simply fold it in half, stick the two sides together, fill in the necessary information and keep the emergency card in a safe place.

We wish you all the best and hope that you never find yourself in a situation where the emergency card is needed. But one thing is certain: the emergency card for dog owners will make the world a little safer for you and your dog.



Do you have experience of situations where dogs have had to be resupplied? How do you like our SABRO emergency card? We look forward to your comment.

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