Why dogs make you happy & healthy

Why dogs make you happy & healthy

Today we'll tell you how dogs influence our happiness and have a positive effect on our health!

Dogs are not only loyal companions, but also play a crucial role in enhancing and enriching our lives. Their unconditional love, loyalty and unique personalities help us feel happier, healthier and more fulfilled overall. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at how dogs influence our lives and the benefits they bring to us humans.


1. emotional support and well-being

Dogs are masters at comforting us and lifting our spirits. Their mere presence can help reduce stress, relieve anxiety and increase overall well-being. Studies have shown that petting a dog increases the production of oxytocin, dopamine and serotonin, hormones associated with feelings of happiness and social bonding. In addition, dogs can help combat loneliness and increase self-esteem by making us feel needed and loved.

Source: Odendaal, J.S.J. (2000). Animal-assisted therapy - magic or medicine? Journal of Psychosomatic Research, 49(4), 275-280.


2. promotion of an active lifestyle

Being responsible for a dog also means regular physical activity, be it walks, games in the park or outdoor activities together. Dogs motivate us to move more and spend time outdoors. This regular exercise not only contributes to physical health, but can also reduce stress, improve mood and strengthen the immune system.

Source: Christian, H., Bauman, A., Epping, J.N., Levine, G.N., McCormack, G., Rhodes, R.E., et al. (2018). Encouraging dog walking for health promotion and disease prevention. American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine, 12(3), 233-243.


3. social ties and relationships

Dogs are often icebreakers when it comes to meeting new people and forming social bonds. They can help to overcome loneliness and bring us into contact with other dog owners or animal lovers. In addition, joint activities with the dog, such as dog training or visits to the dog park, can help to strengthen existing relationships and enrich family life.

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Dogs are not just simple pets, but also our best friends and most loyal companions. Their positive impact on our emotional well-being, physical health and social relationships makes them indispensable members of our families. Through their unconditional love and support, they enrich our lives in many ways and leave a mark on our hearts that will last forever.

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