Toffler paw protection Dog shoes for safety at every step
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Fleece Toffler dog slippers Paw-friendly dog slippers for more safety
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SKO bandage protection shoe Protective shoe for injured & bandaged paws
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Paw protection for your dog

Dogs are constantly in direct contact with the ground with their paws: whether earth, grass, asphalt or snow and ice. That's why it sometimes makes sense to put paw protection on your faithful four-legged friend.

At SABRO, we give you an overview of when paw protection for dogs makes sense and what types of protection are available. If you have any questions or are unsure which type is right for you, just get in touch with us and we will be happy to advise you.

The dog's paw

Dogs are toe walkers, which means they walk on their toes. The paws are comparable to our hands. They have four toes, which are separated by flaps of skin, and claws. The fifth toe sits slightly higher on the front legs. It is missing on the hind feet, but some dogs still have the so-called dewclaw or wolf claw, which is on the inside of the paw.

On the underside of their paws they have robust pads (finger pads and palm pads). A little higher up is the carpal pad. In general, the pads protect against small wounds. Under normal circumstances, dogs very rarely injure their paws.

When does your dog need paw protection?

Dog paws have many receptors. Within a millisecond, they tell the dog's brain where it is walking or standing. They are responsible for ensuring that the animal does not step on hot asphalt or broken glass, for example. Your dog therefore does not need any protection during normal exercise.

If your dog has an injury to its paw and is wearing a bandage, a paw protector protects the bandage and the paw itself. Your loyal friend can move around without accidentally opening the bandage and at the same time it cushions the pressure on the injured paw.

Other sensible situations include summer and winter. No dog wants to run on asphalt or stone in sweltering heat. Both heat up so much in the sun that walking on them can burn the pads of the paws. Shoes protect the dog's paws from the heat.

And when it's freezing cold and snowy in winter, good paw protection makes walking easier. Your dog's paws won't crack or freeze in the cold. Dogs with long coats in particular can develop annoying snowballs on the fur between their paws. Then walking becomes a nuisance.

What good paw protection offers

  • Optimum protection against minor injuries, road salt, misalignments and paw abrasions
  • anatomical fit
  • Breathable
  • Robust and non-slip outsole
  • suitable size for your dog
  • Water-repellent with protective shoe for bandaged paws

High-quality paw protection from SABRO

We offer three different types of paw protection made from the best material for your pet's paws. You will also find a size guide for each individual product to help you.

If you are still unsure, simply choose two sizes. You keep the right paw protector and send the size that doesn't fit back to us within 14 days.

Toffler paw protection - versatile in use

These practical paw protectors prevent minor injuries from broken glass on the paws. They also keep out road salt and heat and help with misalignments and paw dragging.

The paw protector adapts anatomically to the dog's paw and is breathable. Your dog can wear it securely thanks to the elastic Velcro fastening. Thanks to the robust and non-slip outsole, running and romping around are no problem. The paw protection shoe is also suitable as protection against claw abrasion in the case of HD and spondylosis or grass mites.

You will receive 2 pieces in a reusable storage box. However, just like the harness, do not let your dog wear the paw protection permanently or indoors.

SKO bandage protection shoe for bandaged paws

This protective shoe also has the features of the Toffler paw protector, but is extra large. This means that even a thick bandage from the vet fits under the shoe.

If your dog has injured a paw and needs to wear a bandage, the bandage protection shoe protects the paw and the bandage so that you can still take your pet for a walk. A little slower than usual, of course, so that the paw can heal.

If it is very wet outside or you know that there is a wet meadow on your way, we recommend simply putting a standard freezer bag over the bandage before you put the shoe on your faithful friend.

Here you get 1 piece in a reusable storage box. If there is loose dirt on the protective shoe after the walk, simply leave it to dry. Then you can brush off the dirt.

SABRO fleece toffler in the house

The SABRO fleece tofflers are ideal for the home. The soft fleece material makes them absolutely breathable. Thanks to the non-slip outsole, dogs can walk relaxed on smooth floors. The anatomically adapted shoes are also suitable for HD and spondylosis or as scratch and bite protection for injuries and allergies.

For senior citizens and dogs with disabilities, it is often sufficient to wear the fleece slippers on the hind paws to prevent slipping on slippery floors.

We supply 2 pieces in a storage box. So if you need protection for all four paws, you will need 2 in quantity.