Dog pro likes dog beds: Martin Rütter has been using our KUDDE for years

Dog pro likes dog beds: Martin Rütter has been using our KUDDE for years

He (doesn't) just want to play: Martin Rütter told us that he has been using a KUDDE dog bed at home for a good twenty years. He told us why, how often, what his dog Emma thinks of it and more in Cologne. Here you get a look behind the scenes of our meeting.
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There is hardly a person in this country - dog owner or not - who has not heard this name: Martin Rütter. He has been an integral part of the television landscape for almost 20 years and, as a patient, humorous and above all successful dog trainer, has made animal advice programs such as "Der Hundeprofi" on Vox socially acceptable. Along the way, he has built up a large network of dog training schools throughout the German-speaking world with his dog training philosophy and has not only made a name for himself as the author of numerous bestsellers, but also as an entertainer. The man inspires countless people throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland at his live shows, including many non-dog owners. What can't this man actually do?

A big fan of the KUDDE dog bed for many years: Martin Rütter

Well, if you ask us, Martin Rütter can do just about anything. And when we heard that the well-known dog professional has known and used our KUDDE dog bed for almost two decades, we were delighted that we were able to convince him of our quality early on. Well, he rarely uses it himself, but his dog Emma uses it much more often. And this intensive use is also one of the main arguments in his favor: 


The question is: what does the KUDDE dog bed have that I don't?

Ever since his Emma came to him as a one-year-old a good 9 years ago, she has loved to sleep and rest in her KUDDE . And when Emma doesn't come when she's called because she's snoozing contentedly in her KUDDE dog bed, even Martin Rütter sometimes asks himself: What does the KUDDE have that I don't? Well, maybe it's the dimensionally stable and pressure-relieving mattress core? Or the cozy and colour-coordinated Hygge Pad insert that comes free with every KUDDE dog bed? Or maybe it's the many different customization and extension options such as summer or winter inserts, protective dog caves or interchangeable covers in trendy colors and made of durable material?

The fact is: Martin Rütter loves the combinability of the KUDDE dog bed. The core is still the same, only the cover has been changed. Summer inserts and winter inserts are also a matter of course for Rütter. And he is also thinking about the future:


SABRO X RÜTTER: Finally, what belongs together comes together

We don't know exactly, but one thing is certain: we at SABRO agreed with Martin Rütter very quickly. We belong together. Because we are not only united by our love of dogs or our mission to provide two-legged friends with everything they need to create a great life for themselves and their four-legged friends. We also share many common values, such as the use and promotion of socially and ecologically sustainable methods and materials and the protection of animal welfare. Martin Rütter is equally enthusiastic about our KUDDE dream campaign: "Anyone can simply test the KUDDE dog bed at home for 100 days - with a money-back guarantee*. But I personally believe that nobody will return it".

Emma and Martin Rütter in the house! And in the SABRO Community!

And so, a good two weeks ago, we met Martin Rütter and his Emma in Cologne to officially welcome them both to the SABRO community and bring them a few of our new KUDDE dog beds. This resulted in some cool photos and short video stories, which we will of course be showing you in the coming weeks and months. 

And now, Martin & Emma: have a good night's sleep in the KUDDE dog bed. Just like over 300,000 dogs all over the world. Good night and sweet dreams! Have you been dreaming of a KUDDE for your darling for a long time? Your dream will come true here...


Does your pet already have a KUDDE dog bed? Have you ever picked up any tips from Martin Rütter? Let us know in the comments. Also, what you would like to ask Martin Rütter if you had the chance...

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