Are dog shoes useful in winter? Everything you need to know about them

Are dog shoes useful in winter? Everything you need to know about them

Are dog shoes useful for your dog in winter? The SABRO experts tell you how you can protect your dog's sensitive paws from road salt and snow and give you tips on paw shoes for your dog.
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Basically, your dog doesn't necessarily need protection in the form of dog shoes to cope in the snow in winter - dogs' paws and pads are naturally very robust and designed to walk through dirt and on rough surfaces, even in the cold. However, there are a few things you should consider before walking your dog in winter.

Snow, ice, road salt or grit are waiting for your dog's paws on almost all paths: These environmental influences put your dog's paws through a lot. Without paw pads, you as a dog owner are constantly forced to remove snow from your dog's front and back paws - and paw care after a walk is also important and must not be neglected.

So, even if it may still seem strange for some dog owners to put shoes on their dogs, it has been proven that they make sense, especially in winter, and can protect the dog's paws. So do dog shoes really make sense? We have the answers to all your questions!

Snow, road salt, cold: dogs' paws are put under a lot of strain in winter without paw protection.

Especially when you walk your dog not only through the forest, but also through parks and other streets, their paws come into contact with all kinds of things on the ground.

Snow, cold and icy floors

Freezing temperatures in the snow can not only lead to injuries on your dog's paws without appropriate paw protection, but also to slight frostbite or cold burns. On winter days with weather conditions below freezing point, walks without protection on the paws should therefore be particularly short - but even if you have put dog shoes on your four-legged friend, you should keep walks relatively short in winter.

Road salt and grit

Both road salt and grit can be found on many paths to protect us two-legged friends from ice and slippery roads. However, this does not protect dogs' paws at all - in fact, the opposite is the case. The paws sometimes suffer injuries, small cuts, chafing or inflammation as a result. If your dog licks its paws after a walk, it will also ingest some road salt, which can lead to gastrointestinal problems such as stomach ache and even diarrhea.


SABRO tip: Our paw protection shoes for your dog

To protect your dog's paws from injuries and the like, especially in winter, paw protection for front and rear paws is definitely a good idea. Otherwise, cracks and cuts can occur on the pads and in the cornea due to sharp-edged ice and grit. But even pure snow sometimes accumulates between your four-legged friend's paws when walking - without paw shoes, you should remove snow from their claws every now and then and after a walk, extensive paw care is a MUST due to the large amount of road salt. If your dog holds its paws up first, this already indicates an injury!

To avoid this, paw protection shoes such as the Toffler are an ideal solution: In these small dog shoes, the paws are completely wrapped up and protected. The robust soles of the shoes can withstand grit and the like. And to ensure that the shoes fit your dog's paws perfectly, the paw protectors are available as a set so that they not only fit the front paws but also the back paws.

The paw shoes give your dog maximum protection, comfort and great walking pleasure. Thanks to the practical zipper, the hard-wearing sole and the elastic Velcro fastener, the dog shoes are quick to put on and provide a secure hold and protection when your four-legged friend is romping through the snow.  

With our dog shoes, your dog is perfectly equipped for winter and even road salt is no longer an obstacle when walking!

Conclusion: This is how useful dog shoes really are for your four-legged friend

Paw protection or paw protection shoes are just the thing if you like to be out and about with your dog in winter, in snow and icy temperatures - but want to protect his paws at the same time. Dog shoes protect paws from injuries, cuts, frostbite and inflammation caused by environmental influences such as road salt, grit and icy roads. Toffler paw shoes also offer maximum comfort and a secure grip in the snow.

With such dog shoes, you also save yourself the trouble of having to repeatedly remove snow and ice from your dog's paws during the walk and you also save yourself the extensive paw care after the walk.

In a nutshell: Dog boots protect your dog's paws from environmental influences and thus from all kinds of injuries, especially in winter, thanks to their robust soles and secure hold with zippers and Velcro fasteners. An ideal solution for the cold season!


Have you already had experience with paw protection shoes in winter? How useful do you think they are? We'd love to hear about your experiences in the comments.

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