The sense and nonsense of dog protective clothing such as dog sweaters, dog raincoats, dog winter coats, etc.

The sense and nonsense of dog protective clothing such as dog sweaters, dog raincoats, dog winter coats, etc.

The sense and nonsense of dog protective clothing such as dog sweaters, dog raincoats, dog winter coats, etc.
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Admittedly, when we think of dog clothing or dog protective clothing, we often quickly think of the pug in a pink tutu or the boxer in a suit: a fashion accessory that is not for the dog's benefit, but only to please the owners - often horribly coordinated with the owner's look. For us, this dog fashion that is only for looks is nonsense and is not something that we at SABRO approve of or want to support. Dogs are not accessories, they are animals.

Dog sweater from SABRO

Are we strict opponents of dog clothing or protective clothing such as dog rain protection, raincoats, dog sweaters or dog winter coats? No!

Although dogs naturally have more or less fur, a dog coat, dog raincoat, dog sweater or a rain blanket are often useful protective clothing for your dog. We shed some light on which dog clothing is suitable for which four-legged friend in which situation. This much in advance: only use dog clothing or dog sweaters if there is a good reason to do so. What many people don't know: Dogs don't just bark or use their ears or tail as a means of communication - their fur can also be a signal, for example when the hair on the back of their neck stands up. Therefore, as much of it as possible should be visible and not hidden by dog sweaters or other protective clothing for the dog.


Dog sweaters for large dogs, small dogs etc.


These types of dogs are predestined to wear protective clothing such as a dog raincoat, dog winter coat or dog sweater

Virtually all dog breeds are now at home all over the world. Climatic differences play no role in the choice of a dog, so it can happen that a dog originally native to southern Europe literally does not warm up to the changeable weather in northern Germany. Especially when it rains, these dogs without rain protection become soaked through to the skin, start to freeze and, in the worst case, catch a cold. One example of this is the Chihuahua, a Mexican immigrant that was given short hair by Mother Nature because it lives in warm climates. Due to its very short, smooth coat and small size, this breed of dog is prone to cold and wet conditions. Especially for dog breeds like this, a dog sweater on cold days or a blanket as rain protection on wet days is highly recommended as protective clothing. As our rain cover is equipped with a removable teddy fur, you get a dog raincoat and a dog winter coat in one. This can be used for many occasions and weather conditions.


But Dalmatians, Jack Russell Terriers, Boxers and Greyhounds are similar. Not to mention special breeds. Or did you know that some dogs that live indoors a lot no longer produce a winter coat? For them, dog clothing such as a dog sweater or a rain blanket is really useful as rain protection and protection against the cold in our latitudes. The prerequisite: the dog coat or dog sweater does not restrict the four-legged friends in their natural movement and does not cause sores.

You should also avoid overly bright colors in dog sweaters in order to reduce the dog clothing / protective clothing to its intended purpose: to protect the animal.

This is how useful a dog sweater, dog raincoat and dog winter coat are as protective clothing for older or sick dogs

In addition to the short-furred southern breeds, dog clothing is also of interest to two other large groups of dogs: the first is older dogs, regardless of breed. The older the dog, the more the metabolism slows down. As a result, senior dogs are less able to keep warm using their own body resources. Risk group number two: sick dogs. Quite simply because they need to be protected from cooling down more than others. A dog's body that is fighting against the cold recovers much more slowly. Equipping these two target groups with dog clothing or rain protection is not only useful, but actually a must - after all, we as owners are responsible for the animal's well-being. We are the ones who see when the dog is shivering from the cold. And we can react accordingly with a dog sweater.

What's more, with the right dog clothing such as a dog sweater on cold days or dog protective clothing such as a rain cover on wet and cold days, going out in wet or cold weather is more fun for many dogs. If you use the teddy fur included in the scope of delivery, the rain cover becomes a cozy, cold and moisture-repellent winter coat for your dog.

Sweaters for dogs in winter & fall

Protective clothing for dogs in the fall: the dog raincoat or blanket as rain protection

Of course, rain protection is particularly useful in the fall, as wet and cold weather go hand in hand. While many dogs survive the gentle summer rain wonderfully, or in winter a dog sweater is sufficient as warm clothing for your dog, wet and cold together can have unpleasant consequences. A dog coat or a rain blanket is even recommended for some dog breeds with long fur, which nevertheless have too little warming undercoat.

It is important that your dog does not wear oilskins or generally protective dog clothing that is not breathable.

This was important to us with our dog protective clothing, the Kappa rain cover

With our handmade Kappa rain cover, we have paid particular attention to the use of high-quality, skin-friendly materials in addition to the sophisticated fit. And to the practical benefits of this protective dog clothing: the cozy teddy fur inside can be easily tucked in or out depending on the temperature, making it suitable not only for autumn but also for winter, for example as a winter coat for your dog.

Dog sweater fleece or wool

Dog clothing and dog protective clothing in winter: the dog sweater for cold days

In winter, depending on the cold, a sleek dog sweater can be used instead of a dog coat. Our handmade Himalayan dog sweater is made from cozy Peruvian alpaca wool and fits the dog like a second skin - nothing pinches or chafes uncomfortably with this protective dog clothing. This means that the Himalayan dog sweater is quickly accepted and is even suitable as indoor dog clothing if the dog has to lie on cooler ground or has arthritis or other back problems that make it necessary to keep warm.

A dog sweater such as Himalaya is only suitable for dry, cold days - in rain or heavy snowfall it soaks through and leaves the dog exposed.

In this case, additional protection is recommended in the form of protective clothing such as a rain blanket or a raincoat for dogs.

Dog sweater from SABRO

Top 10 checklist for dog clothing and dog protective clothing (dog sweater, dog raincoat, dog winter coat...)

1. a close fit with generous leg openings does not restrict the dog's movement when wearing a dog sweater.

2. infinitely variable fastening options, for example with Velcro, allow a rain cover to be adjusted precisely to the dog's body.

3. high-quality materials, which are breathable as well as wind and waterproof, leave no reactions when wearing the dog protective clothing.

4. easy to put on and take off the dog sweater or rain blanket does not cause stress for the dog even before going for a walk and is a must, especially for older dogs or dogs with limited mobility due to illness.

5. non-rustling fabrics ensure that the dog protective clothing is quickly accepted.

6. reflective stripes offer the dog more protection, especially in the darker seasons.

7. easy cleaning makes everyday use of the dog clothing easier.

8. the focus of protective clothing for dogs should always be on the purpose and not the look.

9. slowly get your dog used to the dog sweater or rain blanket, as it is a foreign body for him at first.

10. use dog clothing such as rain covers, dog coats or dog sweaters as little as possible, but as often as necessary.


Here you can see how easy it is to put protective clothing like our Kappa rain cover on your dog:


When do you use a dog sweater or a rain cover for your dog as protective clothing? Or is dog clothing a no-go for you? We look forward to your comments.

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