Classic adjustable leash 4-way adjustable round leash
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Classic leash with hand loop Leather round leash with hand loop
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Classic round pull collar The feel-good collar for all long-haired dogs
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Classic Standard collar Classic & comfortable buckle collar
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Outdoor round pull collar The feel-good collar for all outdoor fans
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Classic Light collar Classic dog collar for all coats
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Outdoor towline 5 m For maximum freedom on the leash
Offer price €79,00
Adjustable outdoor leash Four-way adjustable leash made of high-quality special fiber
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LightHound illuminated harness A must-have for all dog people
Offer price €85,00
V2 Urban Trail Leash Multifunctional everyday leash for the city and outdoors
Offer price €48,49
Vest for LightHound light... Replacement vest for your light harness
Offer price €34,90
Replacement screw LightHound L... Replacement screw for your light harness
Offer price €6,90
Comfort Walk Go harness Slip-on dog harness
Offer priceFrom€33,95
Outdoor leash with hand loop Ultra-rugged leash for your adventures
Offer priceFrom€33.00
V2 Comfort Walk Pro harness The best dog harness of all time
Offer priceFrom€39.90 Regular price €47,00
Baggen bicycle leash Supplement to the Baggen sports belt
Offer price €8,00
Sold out
Baggen jogging leashBaggen jogging leash
Baggen jogging leash Replacement leash for our Baggen sports belt
Offer price €12,00
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Baggen sports belt Baggen sports belt
Baggen sports belt Complete set - sports belt and matching jogging leash
Offer price €89,00
Tapir leather grease Care and protection for your leather products
Offer price €19,50


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Dog accessories & more at SABRO

Discover everything that makes a dog's heart beat faster! From cozy dog beds to fun toys - your furry friend will love our selected products! At SABRO, we focus on the well-being of animals, which is why we attach great importance to sustainability and quality. Follow us on our social media channels to make sure you don't miss any news!

About us

At SABRO, the focus is on the well-being of dogs. As people who love animals, we develop products that are designed to make life easier for and with dogs. For almost 30 years, we have been accompanied by numerous animals that have tested our products without fail. Our motto: Only products that are enthusiastically accepted find their place in our range. Our passion for pet supplies sets us apart from other suppliers.


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The basic equipment for your walk

Dog lead, collar, dog bowl & dog bed: these are the absolute basics for your dog. Like the other items, you will need the lead several times a day. Because it is the connection to your dog when you go for a walk.

To make your faithful four-legged friend feel comfortable, he also needs a suitable collar or dog harness.

Leashes, collars & harnesses - the secure connection to your dog

Here you will find practical leads, stylish collars and ergonomic dog harnesses for your everyday life with your dog. When it comes to our exclusive dog walking products, we attach great importance to a perfect fit that doesn't restrict your dog and durable, easy-care materials. That's why our dogs support us as testers.

With a collar and a dog lead, you can lead your dog and there is a direct connection between you. This way, you can both walk safely through the streets or in the forest.

As well as being practical, a collar also acts as decoration for your dog. That's why the color and material are important to many dog owners. But: function should always come first and then looks.

Is a collar suitable for my dog?

Whether you choose a harness or a collar depends on several factors.

If your dog is already easy to lead and walks on a loose lead, then a collar is the right choice. A collar offers your dog great freedom of movement, as there are no straps on the body to restrict shoulder blade action or chafe in the dog's armpit, for example, as can be the case with a poorly fitted harness.

Important: If you want to work with the drag line , be sure to use a dog harnessas the sensitive cervical spine can be severely damaged if he runs off and is stopped by the collar. It is also essential to use a well-fitting harness when leading your dog on a bicycle.

A collar is unsuitable for some dogs. This applies to all dogs with short noses: for example, English and French Bulldogs, German Boxers and Pugs. Their breathing is often impaired. If a collar constricts the animal, it can react with an epileptic seizure.

The following also applies to all dogs: The outdated training method of jerking on the lead (also known as "signaling" or "influencing") is a danger to your dog's health. The cervical vertebrae are exposed to a high level of stress during a sudden jerk. The dog's windpipe can be crushed and the larynx injured. This is also the case if your dog pulls continuously.

We at SABRO believe that it is best for dog owners to have both a suitable collar and a dog harness with a good fit at home- so they can choose the right one for every occasion.

What materials are dog collars made of?

A dog collar should always be sturdy, light and supple . We therefore use the following materials:

  • Scandinavian elk and cowhide leather
  • High-quality and sturdy outdoor rope
  • Soft material
  • Synthetic fiber

Genuine leather is a natural material that often looks simple but elegant. We offer the best cowhide and elk leather from Scandinavia, which is both comfortable to wear and robust. If you grease it regularly, you will have a long-lasting and durable collar.

The outdoor rope is hand and fur-friendly and "made in Germany". It impresses with its high stability and does not absorb moisture.

Our soft material consists of highly tear-resistant cordura tape from Sweden and thick fleece padding. These collars are not only gentle on the fur, but also have a beautiful pattern.

The synthetic fiber used for our collars surprises with its softness and robustness. The fiber doesn't even mind a bath. These include our soft collars and the veggie versions.

Find the perfect dog collar

Before you choose a collar, you need to know the circumference of your dog's neck. Measure close-fitting and in the middle of the neck - this is particularly important for long-haired dogs. If you don't have a tape measure to hand, you can measure with a piece of string and tie a knot in the end you have measured. You can then use a folding rule to determine the length.

You don't need to worry about the measurements being too tight. We have already measured our collars to fit, so even with a pull stop there is still room for 1 finger of air. All our collars come with the sizes, you simply look at the measured centimetres.

Our Classic collars

We offer different Classic variants, so there is something for every dog. The absolute classic is our Classic Light collar, which is gentle on the fur thanks to the elk leather padding. The Classic Standard collar with its comfortable cut is also suitable for almost all types of dog.

A dog with a sensitive cervical spine - such as greyhounds - should wear the wide, ergonomically shaped Classic Greyhound so that the pull is well distributed over the slender, long neck. For other dog breeds with a similar neck, the Classic Comfort collar is sufficient.

Long-haired dogs will love the Classic round pull collar made from soft elk leather. It virtually "disappears" into the coat and leaves the hair in the ruff area intact.

Outdoor collars (Outdoor collars)

Leather is very comfortable to wear, but it tends to become hard when wet. So if you take your dog on long hikes and are out in the rain a lot, our outdoor round pull collar is ideal as the special PES fiber does not harden when wet. It literally clings to the coat and neck, even on long-haired dogs.

For those who like it soft: soft collars for dogs

The soft collars are particularly soft and the thick fleece padding prevents small tangles of fur. The lightweight and robust material can be machine washed.

Nordic elegance: veggie collars from SABRO

The special synthetic fiber of the veggie collars can hardly be distinguished from our leather collection. The soft material is just as robust and sits comfortably on the dog's neck. If your dog likes to go swimming - whether in the lake or the sea - then these collars are perfect for this. For that Nordic flair, they are also decorated with the flag of Denmark or floating.

Why your dog needs a lead

The dog leash fulfills three important requirements: It connects you with your dog and gives him security through your guidance. The lead allows your four-legged family member to follow your lead. The lead also allows you to protect your dog in tricky situations.

You should therefore pay particular attention to the dog lead. Also consider whether you want a collar or a harness for your pet. Because not every lead is suitable for both.

These dog leads are available

The term dog leash is generally used as a collective term. This includes all types of leashes that are used for walking, training and working together. Chains and ropes, on the other hand, are prohibited.

Dog leashes at a glance:

  • Classic leash (1.5 to 2 meters long)
  • Tow line (up to 20 meters long)
  • Roller leash/flexi leash (extendable)
  • Short guide (up to 0.5 meters long)

Leads are very popular and are suitable for daily walks. You can take your dog for a relaxed walk with a lead, even in busy streets. At the same time, a larger radius of action is possible if you walk through the park and don't disturb anyone.

A short lead, on the other hand, is suitable for large dogs that need to run close to you. A longer lead will only get in the way. They are used during training, for example, or for short distances.

You use the drag lead for training if you want to teach your dog the rules of behavior when running free. As with the flexi lead, you may only use a dog harness with the drag lead. A collar is not suitable here.

Flexi-leashes are often used by owners whose dogs cannot be recalled. We advise against this type of leash as it encourages undesirable behavior and leads to health problems.

Materials for dog leads

The best materials for dog leads are leather and wicker. A narrow nylon lead can leave painful burns and blisters on your hand if your dog has a particularly wild phase or gets frightened. If you choose nylon, make sure it's high quality, thick and soft, and has a padded handle.

Leather leashes are pleasantly soft and can withstand high loads. However, this natural material should not be put in the washing machine. It requires regular care to keep it supple.

Outdoor rope leads are very robust, even for large and strong dogs. They are also suitable for long walks and are easy to wash by hand.

Nylon fabric is very easy to care for and can be ordered in different colors. Even when it gets wet, it remains light and flexible like woven linen.

Pay attention to these things with dog leads

  • Purpose (walk, training, paths through the city)
  • Size and weight of the dog
  • Collar or harness
  • Age and ability to walk on a lead

Dog leads from SABRO in the best Swedish quality

Classic lead leads in various sizes await you in our online store. Discover leather leads, leads made from braided rope and practical urban trail leads.

Leather linen

The soft elk leather in combination with the firm cowhide leather for the carabiner and hand loop make these leashes a wonderful companion. The firm rope core ensures maximum stability. In addition to the hand loop, there is a carabiner for attaching the lead so that you can comfortably hang it around your neck when your dog is running free. The fittings - carabiners and rings - are made of pure brass and do not cause allergies.

Our Classic leash is available with a hand loop or 4-way adjustable.

Braided dog leads

Our robust outdoor leashes with a hand loop or adjustment option are made of high-quality rope and sturdy cowhide from Scandinavia. Even in the rain, these lines remain soft and flexible, making them very attractive for long hiking tours.

The outdoor rope specially twisted for SABRO is particularly soft in the hand. As with the leather lines, the carabiners and rings are made of pure brass.

Urban trail lines

You can order the urban trail leash in different colors. It is versatile and comes with a pocket for treats, poop bags or keys. The thick and soft nylon fabric has extra padding on the handle so that the lead is comfortable to hold. The lead also has three handle openings so that you can act quickly on your dog in any situation. The highly reflective 3M stripes also ensure better visibility in the dark.

Reasons that speak in favor of a dog harness

The point of traction is on the chest and not, as with a collar, in the throat and neck area. An incorrectly fitted collar on the sensitive neck can cause serious damage to the cervical spine or larynx. For example, if your dog runs off on the drag line and reaches the end, the collar will pull directly on the neck. The pull cannot be distributed over the chest and upper body, i.e. a much larger area, which significantly reduces the jerk.

But it's all about the right size and fit so that your pet can move freely in the harness at all times. A harness that is too tight and constricting feels to the dog like an ill-fitting rucksack with constricting straps feels to us.

A dog harness is suitable in these situations

In contrast to a collar, a harness consists of more connecting pieces that wrap around the neck and chest.

A dog harness is suitable in the following situations:

  • Your dog is not yet walking calmly or is pulling on the lead.
  • You work with a drag line.
  • You go jogging with your dog or let him run alongside you while cycling.
  • You can intervene quickly in the event of danger.

Pleasant and robust material

The harness for your dog should be easy to clean and tear-resistant. This is why most models are made of webbing or nylon. The material is robust and relatively weatherproof. You can also buy the models in different colors and designs.

The width of the strap is important. This allows the pull to be better distributed over the dog's body. Straps that are too narrow will cut uncomfortably when pulled.

We pay attention to the high quality of our materials so that your dog feels comfortable with the dog harness. Our practical everyday harness is available in COMFORT WALK PRO for all sizes and COMFORT WALK GO especially for smaller breeds.

The dog harness must fit perfectly

A dog harness must be neither too tight nor too loose. The size depends on the dog. We have variants for small and large dogs.

The models are flexibly adjustable, but for the ideal fit you roughly need the size that comes closest to your dog. You need to consider the following criteria:

  • Chest circumference,
  • Neck circumference and
  • Your dog's weight.

Make sure you let your dog walk without a harness at home so that he can relax completely and lie comfortably in his dog bed or dog cushion.

Chest circumference of the dog

To determine the chest circumference, measure just behind the front legs at the widest part of the chest. The measuring tape may be tight, but should not constrict your dog.

You always need the chest circumference for a dog harness. 

Weight of the dog

It's easy to find out how heavy your dog is. Simply ask your vet to weigh your dog during a check-up. Weighing is often part of the annual check-up. With a small dog, you can also try using the scales at home.