How Kaiser Natron can help your dog

How Kaiser Natron can help your dog

We at SABRO have had good experiences with Kaiser Natron. In this article, we'll tell you exactly which complaints...
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Anyone who has ever made their own pretzels or pretzel cookies will at least know Kaiser Natron as a leavening agent. It is also used to loosen the dough when baking at Christmas time, for example for Aachener Printen or Spekulatius biscuits - there is a small digital recipe booklet on the manufacturer Holste's website. Caution: Baking soda and baking powder are two different things - so please don't use baking powder for your dog as a substitute, because then the acid that is in the Kaiser Natron is missing. Many people have probably never used baking soda and have no idea that baking soda can relieve heartburn in dogs, for example. However, sodium bicarbonate (the full name of baking soda) was something of a miracle weapon in grandma's day:

  • Added to washing powder, it helped to soften the water, remove stains and acted as a fabric softener.
  • Before there was Febreze & Co., sprinkled baking soda ensured that bad odors disappeared from upholstery (as a dog owner, you probably know this well when your dog has rolled in something that doesn't smell good).
  • Dissolved in coffee or tea prepared with highly calcareous water, Kaiser Natron improves the taste.
  • Together with vinegar, it acts as a natural drain cleaner.

As you can see, there are many different areas of application. This has been known in principle for more than 100 years, but nowadays it has almost been forgotten. However, this household remedy is not only good for your dog's heartburn, but is still a good alternative or supplement to various chemical products. And the best thing is: 250 grams of baking soda is available in the drugstore for just a few euros.


Kaiser Natron can help your dog in many cases such as heartburn and other illnesses

Fortunately, word of the effect of sodium bicarbonate has spread again today. Some vets are now also using Kaiser Natron again for various indications. It has proved its worth in various cases.

In these cases, baking soda can help your dog:

  • You can use baking soda for skin inflammations that are allergic in origin or have been caused by bacteria, fungal infections or parasites.
  • Eczema, also known as hot spots, can clear up more quickly if you regularly wash your dog with baking soda.
  • Dogs that are frequently prone to diarrhea or stomach and intestinal complaints can often be helped by taking Kaisernatron: this can reduce heartburn in dogs.
  • As a supplement to arthrosis medication, edible sodium bicarbonate can help dogs suffering from joint inflammation, arthritis and arthrosis complaints to experience less discomfort.
  • In the case of pancreatitis, Kaiser sodium bicarbonate can act as an adjunct to treatment with medication.
  • If there are problems in the oral cavity and with teeth, baking soda can help to keep them healthy.
  • In the case of skin or coat odors , washing with Kaisernatron can help to eliminate unpleasant odors.
  • Sodium bicarbonate can reduce the frequency of seizures in dogs with psychosomatic disorders and epilepsy.
  • With strong Bad breath A little Kaiser Natron dissolved in water can help to minimize your dog's bad breath by disinfecting it. But beware: strong bad breath in a pet dog can also have other causes: poor quality food, incorrect or insufficient dental care, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

    As always, ask your vet beforehand and do not simply administer baking soda without their consent.


How much is right or necessary? Doses of caustic soda for dogs

Regardless of which of the symptoms described above your dog is suffering from:


Our beloved four-legged friends are not guinea pigs, but family members who are cared for. Only your vet can help you find a dosage that your dog can tolerate and accompany him regularly on the road to hopeful improvement.

This is because the dosage of caesium sodium must be adjusted to the dog's body weight and medical background history.


You can find recommendations for sodium dosages for various problems in dogs on various online sites. These include the Veterinary Institute for Applied Small Animal Medicine in Hamburg-Rahlstedt, whose director is not without controversy. As I said: ask your vet, especially when it comes to taking baking soda. Your vet knows your dog and knows exactly what is appropriate or even possible for this fine specimen of dog.

This much you need to know if you want to consult your vet about trying Kaiser baking soda: basically, you make a saturated baking soda solution from baking soda and water, which can ensure that the respective environment changes positively and germs, fungi, pathogens, parasites and more are contained in their development. Heartburn in your dog can also be contained with baking soda in this way.


Our experience with Kaiser Natron with our SABRO dogs

When it comes to purely external use, we have had good experiences with Kaisernatron with our SABRO dogs: 

To reduce skin or coat odor, for example, you can add one to two teaspoons of baking soda to a liter of water and wash your dog with it. It also helps to sprinkle baking soda on dry and then brush it off again with a dog brush. 

For skin conditions, dissolve a pinch of caustic soda in a good 150 ml of warm water and moisten the wound area with it by soaking a cotton pad and carefully dabbing the area.


Have you also had experience with Kaiser Natron for your dog? Then we look forward to your comment.

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