Cuddly friend Trudi Trudi the cuddly dog provides security in cuddly hours
Offer price €34,90
Cuddly bones for dogs Robust dog cushion made of corduroy
Offer price €14,90
Emil the crocodile The dog toy for exciting adventures
Offer price €14,90
Sold out
Cuddly dog TobiCuddly dog Tobi
Cuddly dog Tobi Big brother, comforter and anxiety dispeller
Offer price €39,90
Pig Dörte Robust dog toy made from corduroy
Offer price €19,90
Chewing knots Robust chew toy for dogs
Offer price €5,90
Sold out
Cuddly dog TomteCuddly dog Tomte
Cuddly dog Tomte Big cuddly buddy for contact lying
Offer price €39,90
Cuddly dog Theo The ideal second dog for closeness and security
Offer price €39,90
Tilda the sheep Dog toys: for play and closeness
Offer price €19,90
Rhino Viggo Robust soft toy for dogs
Offer price €19,90
Ellie the bunny Cute dog toy with funny floppy ears
Offer price €17,90
Monkey Dirk Fun play animal for dogs
Offer price €14,90
Moose Sören Soft toy for moose playtime fun
Offer price €19,90
Rhino Gonzo Safe play toy for dogs
Offer price €14,90
Louise the rabbit Cute soft toy for dogs
Offer price €14,90
Sold out
Zebra LouisZebra Louis
Zebra Louis Dog toy for safe playtime fun
Offer price €14,90
Egg Eggi Cuddly cushion for dogs
Offer price €14,90
Sold out
Cuddle buddy TommiCuddle buddy Tommi
Cuddle buddy Tommi Cuddly dog for cuddly and anxious dogs
Offer price €34,90
Goose Önne Play toy for dogs, ideal for fetching
Offer price €14,90
Flamingo Flora Aqua dog toy - ideal for warm days
Offer price €14,90
Stella the unicorn Water toys for dogs
Offer price €14,90


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Dog accessories & more at SABRO

Discover everything that makes a dog's heart beat faster! From cozy dog beds to fun toys - your furry friend will love our selected products! At SABRO, we focus on the well-being of animals, which is why we attach great importance to sustainability and quality. Follow us on our social media channels to make sure you don't miss any news!

About us

At SABRO, the focus is on the well-being of dogs. As people who love animals, we develop products that are designed to make life easier for and with dogs. For almost 30 years, we have been accompanied by numerous animals that have tested our products without fail. Our motto: Only products that are enthusiastically accepted find their place in our range. Our passion for pet supplies sets us apart from other suppliers.


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Dog toys - for play, fun and relaxation

Dogs and children have one thing in common: they love to play. Toys are not only essential for your dog's healthy development, they also encourage variety and allow your pet to play on its own.

At SABRO, you can find out what to look out for in toys and cuddly toys for dogs and what types of dog toys are available. Take your time to look around and find the best activity for your dog.

Why toys for dogs?

You can use toys for different situations. For example, to keep your dog occupied when you go to work. Dog toys keep him entertained and pass the time until you get back and can play with your four-legged friend again.

Toys for dogs are also practical during training. Catch toys encourage your faithful friend to exercise. Other toys promote your dog's intelligence and still others serve as chew toys for dental hygiene. It is therefore practical to have a variety of toys in the house.

When do dog toys start?

Once you have decided on a puppy, you can gradually give him toys from about six months old. But don't just put the toy down, no matter how old he is. Show him what he can do with it.

Tip: Keep an eye on him to find out what your dog likes and dislikes.

If your puppy won't touch the toy, give it a little more time. This does not necessarily mean that he is still rejecting it. Maybe it's still too early for him.

Don't give your dog permanent access to his toy. Use it deliberately during training or give it to him when no one has time for him. If your pet has access to its toy at all times, it will eventually get bored and the effect will be lost.

These types of toys are available

  • Throwing toys: balls, frisbees, ropes
  • Intelligence toys/activity toys: strategy games, memory games, kongs, snack balls
  • Tug toy/food toy/chew toy: ropes, knots, rubber bones and animals, ropes, chews
  • Search toys: sniff mats
  • Cuddly toys: Plush toys

Quality is important!

Pay attention to the size of the dog toy. This is because most dogs love to chew on their toys. Pieces that are too small can be swallowed. In addition, the toy should always be made of robust, safe and tested materials. If plastic cannot withstand a strong bite, it is unsuitable. Small splinters and sharp edges can injure your dog's mouth and there is a risk that he will swallow parts of it.

Requirements for dog toys:

  • suitable for the size of the dog
  • slightly larger rather than too small
  • Tested materials
  • Robust and safe
  • Cuddly toys for dogs (no cuddly toys for humans)
  • Why dogs love cuddly toys

It's not just children who love cuddly toys. Some dogs also have a box full of stuffed animals to cuddle. They can relax your four-legged friend and give him some quality time.

Cuddly toys for dogs are very versatile. If your dog likes to play with the soft cuddly toys, you can use them for training - for example for fetching. The soft toy can also be used as a reward, for example as a substitute for treats. When your dog does something right, reward him by giving him the soft toy and playing with him.

Larger soft toys are wonderful for puppies and sensitive or anxious dogs. They can lie in their dog bed to cuddle up. Because cuddling relieves stress.

Almost all SABRO toy animals are exclusively designed and make a wonderful gift for your dog and also for your friends' dogs.

Cuddly dogs

There are three different cuddly dogs: Theo, Tobi and Tomte. With their super-soft filling, these cuddly friends are ideal for cuddling and snuggling. They are almost a meter long, weigh just under 1 kg and are ideal as a cuddly addition to the dog's bedroom. Puppies in particular, as well as sensitive and anxious dogs, find more security and relaxation with the cuddly dogs.

Soft toys for playing and romping around

Does your dog love cuddly toys? Then we have lots of lovely stuffed companions for him, such as Önne the goose, Gonzo the rhino, Louis the zebra or Tilda the sheep. Our cuddly toys come in different sizes and the long arms, legs and wings flap around when you carry them and arouse your dog's interest.

Replace cuddly toys if necessary

Our dog cuddly toys are made of hard-wearing, dog-friendly material. Nevertheless, your dog should only play with the cuddly toys under supervision. Depending on the intensity of the play, such toys can also break. Check your dog's cuddly toy regularly for defects. If you find one, replace the toy to avoid the risk of injury.