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So pflegst du deinen Hund und erhältst ihn gesund

Deinen Hund zu pflegen und zu umsorgen ist ein wichtiger Bestandteil, um die Gesundheit deines Lieblings zu erhalten. Bei manchen Rassen sollte die Fellpflege zum täglichen Programm gehören. Und je nach Felllänge müssen Bürste, Striegel und Co. Unterschiedliches leisten.

Ob Zeckenzange, Augen- und Ohrentücher oder unser medizinischer Body für operierte Hunde – die Gesundheit deines Hundes liegt uns sehr am Herzen.

Bei SABRO erfährst du, welche Pflege dein Hund braucht und was eine liebevolle Versorgung ausmacht. Wir verraten dir, worauf du achten musst, damit ihr gemeinsam eine lange, wunderschöne Zeit habt. Und wenn du noch Fragen hast, beraten wir dich gern.

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That is why the care of your dog is important

Dogs have been the faithful companions of us humans for a long time. And they depend on our care. After all, bad teeth, matted fur and excessive earwax are not "natural" even in animals.

With regular care, your dog's quality of life will improve and he will be by your side longer. If your darling feels really comfortable in his skin, he will show you his affection with shining eyes and wagging tail.

Dog grooming is an important bonding ritual. You strengthen the relationship with your pet and it learns to trust you. You'll also be able to quickly spot changes like redness, eczema, injuries, dull and lackluster fur, or parasites and do something about them.

This is part of dog grooming

It starts with the muzzle and ends with the paws. Good grooming doesn't just include a doggy bath after an adventurous walk when your dog is covered in dirt. The following items are part of dog grooming:

  • Brush coat
  • Dog bath, if necessary
  • Eye care
  • Teeth cleaning and care
  • Cleaning ears
  • Care for paws and claws

Grooming differs depending on the breed of dog. Animals with long coats require more grooming than a dog with a short coat. Other breeds, on the other hand, tend to have problems with their teeth.

Well groomed and healthy - with SABRO

In our assortment you will find high-quality grooming products for dogs - from bathrobes to currycombs. Here you will find what you need for your four-legged family member.

Strong coat care for healthy shine

The flexible rubber curry comb is easy to handle. They are suitable for grooming short-haired dogs and for cleaning sofas, car upholstery and dog mats. If you have a dog with a long coat or a dense undercoat, you will need a brush and comb for grooming - depending on the breed, daily brushing is the order of the day.

The Biodor Animal Care Spray supports you here. It provides a gentle, quick and easy coat cleaning, without water. Although it is tempting to bathe the dog, you should resort to this as rarely as possible.

The dog bath

Sometimes the only thing that helps with a lot of dirt is a bath. For this, you should use a particularly mild shampoo for coat care. One that was developed together with veterinarians and experts, is made on a natural basis and is particularly suitable for demanding coat and skin types.

For drying, there are several options right away. You can use one of our absorbent and cuddly towels or the dog bathrobe, which not only absorbs water but also dirt quickly. Therefore, it is equally suitable for quick drying after a rainy walk.

Care of eyes, ears, teeth and paws

With the ears and eyes our dogs perceive their environment and move safely in it. Therefore, regular cleaning of these organs is important. You gently remove dirt and can prevent or relieve inflammation.

It is best to teach your dog to brush his teeth at an early age so that he gets used to it and you can ensure a healthy and clean set of teeth. Chewing snacks that help clean teeth and keep them busy will also help.

Check your dog's paws and claws regularly so that you can shorten them if necessary. In addition, you will quickly discover cracked skin and small injuries. Especially in summer and winter a good paw care is worthwhile.

Medical products

If your dog is expecting puppies or is incontinent, the dog bed needs a little upgrade. The Snygga incontinence mat does a good job. It prevents odor buildup and bacteria transfer in the sleeping area. If you also put the polar pad over the Snygga, your dog will not come into contact with its own wetness and can sleep relaxed in a dry place.

If your darling is freshly operated or has a big wound, it breaks every pet owner's heart when the collar has to be put on. A professional alternative is the medical dog body. It protects the wound all over and adapts perfectly to the animal's anatomy. In addition, it leaves enough space for air circulation to the wound.