KUDDE dog bed THE dog bed in imitation leather for every four-legged friend with fleece inlay
Offer priceFrom€109.00 Regular price €128,00You save €19,00
Sova floor cushion for dogs Lounger with sofa character
Offer priceFrom€149.90
Car dog bed Vagn Orthopaedic dog bed for maximum comfort in the car
Offer price €199,00
KUDDE suede-look dog bed Chic & particularly robust: the KUDDE with suede-look cover
Offer priceFrom€109.00
Cord inlay: Mjuck Chic wide cord inlay (not only) matching the KUDDE
Offer priceFrom€39.90
Lalelu dog bed A dog bed for true dream nights
Offer priceFrom€109.00
KUDDE Cord dog bed The KUDDE in cozy corduroy with water-repellent bottom cover
Offer priceFrom€109.00
Dog cave for the KUDDE dog bath... Turns your KUDDE into a dog cave
Offer priceFrom€99,00
Insert for dog bed KUDDE... For relaxed deep sleep at any room temperature
Offer priceFrom€39.00
Cuddly toy Alltid Dog cushion for cozy comfort all year round
Offer priceFrom€49,00
Hygge Pad dog mat Cozy insert for the KUDDE dog bed & for on the go
Offer priceFrom€19.00
Dog car seat Rida For more comfort & safety when driving
Offer priceFrom€139.00
Jokkmokk outdoor mat Orthopaedic dog mat for your outdoor adventures
Offer priceFrom€109.00
Fluffa dog bed Sleep like on clouds
Offer priceFrom€89,90
Resor travel mat Rollable travel mat for dogs
Offer priceFrom€49,00
Dog lying mat Jokkmokk Al... Temperature-regulating reversible lying mat
Offer priceFrom€109.00
Skolan outdoor mat Rollable dog mat for all outdoor adventures
Offer priceFrom€59.00
Dog mat Polarpad Fluffy hygienic dog mat
Offer priceFrom€24,00
Dog mat Jokkmokk Si... Orthopaedic mat with extra soft cuddly cover
Offer priceFrom€109.00
Cuddly bones for dogs Robust dog cushion made of corduroy
Offer price €14,90
Mynki dog blanket Cuddly soft blanket for soul dogs
Offer priceFrom€49,00
Travel set for Kudde dog bed Turn your KUDDE into a dog bed to go
Offer price€12,00 Regular price€19,00You save €7,00
Insert for dog bed KUDDE... Extra cuddly insert for cozy hours
Offer priceFrom€39.00
Lambskin for dogs (vegan) Cuddly faux fur for dogs
Offer price €59,00
Resa trunk cover Protects your trunk from dirt & scratches
Offer priceFrom€49,00
Dog cave for the KUDDE dog bath... Turns your KUDDE into a cozy dog cave
Offer priceFrom€99,00
Inlay for dog bed Kudde... Velvety fleece insert for wonderfully cozy sleep
Offer priceFrom€39.00
Cuddly little Mynki Ultra-soft dog cushion made of velvety fleece fabric
Offer priceFrom€49,00
Special cleaner for dog beds... Optimal cleaning for your KUDDE
Offer price €12,90
Balm for Kudde dog bed The best care for your SABRO faux leather cover
Offer price €12,90
Snuggle Alltid dog bed The safe island for your dog
Offer priceFrom€69,90 Regular price €99,00You save €29,10
Dog lying mat Jokkmokk Be... Orthopaedic mattress with cuddly cover
Offer priceFrom€109.00
Snuggle Silktouch dog bed The perfect cuddle island for in between
Offer priceFrom€49,90 Regular price €99,00
Dog mat Jokkmokk Mynki Orthopaedic dog mat with cuddly Mynki fleece
Offer priceFrom€109.00
Hemma dog bed Orthopaedic dog bed for at home and in the car
Offer price €199,00
Cover for dog bed KUDDE: ... Year-round feel-good cover for your KUDDE dog bed
Offer priceFrom€59.00
Cuddly Berber fleece cover ... Teddy plush cuddly cover for your KUDDE
Offer priceFrom€74.00
Cover for dog bed KUDDE: ... Sustainable cover for your KUDDE dog bed
Offer priceFrom€59.00
Cover for KUDDE dog bed: ... The favorite cover for your KUDDE dog bed
Offer priceFrom€59.00
Cover for KUDDE dog bed: ... Temperature-regulating replacement cover for your KUDDE
Offer priceFrom€64,00
Cover for dog bed KUDDE: ... Easy-care replacement cover for your KUDDE dog bed
Offer priceFrom€54,00
Cover for dog bed KUDDE: ... Ultra-soft cover for your KUDDE dog bed
Offer priceFrom€59.00
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blush blush
KUDDE Pastel dog bed Our KUDDE as a limited edition with wide cord inlay
Offer priceFrom€129.00
Cover for dog mat J... Interchangeable imitation leather cover for the Jokkmokk lounger mat
Offer priceFrom€65.00
Cover for dog cave: Igloo ... Trendy removable cover for your dog igloo
Offer priceFrom€79.00
Cover for dog mat J... Temperature-regulating removable cover for Jokkmokk
Offer priceFrom€64,00
Cover for dog mat J... Cozy removable cover for cold days
Offer priceFrom€54,00
Cover for Fluffa dog bed Replacement cover for your Fluffa dog bed
Offer priceFrom€59.00


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The variety of dog sleeping areas

A comfortable place to sleep is just as important for your dog as it is for you. Just like us humans, dogs like to sleep comfortably, as this protects and supports their backs. That's why they need a proper dog sleeping area just as much as we need a suitable mattress. Possibly even more urgently, as dogs sleep far more than we do. An adult four-legged friend spends up to 18 hours a day, a puppy or senior even over 20, of which they spend the majority dozing and only six to eight hours in deep sleep. In order to sleep restfully, dogs therefore need a safe, species-appropriate place to sleep.

There are many places for your beloved four-legged friend to sleep. Dog beds, baskets, cushions and others: some of them differ only slightly. The classic basket consists of a hard shell that neither adapts nor is comfortable, even if you pad it with a dog cushion. Although it is easy to clean, it is unsuitable for your dog as he cannot stretch out in it. You can place the cushion or a dog blanket on the floor for your dog or give him a place on the sofa. For the garden or car, you can use dog mats, which are more robust and weather-resistant. A dog bed, unlike a basket, is soft and padded, but has a raised edge. In addition, so-called dog sofas have also been available for some time. They are basically a type of dog bed, only with a higher lying surface and edges that resemble a real sofa.

What dogs appreciate about their sleeping area

A few points are important when it comes to finding a suitable place for your dog to sleep. First and foremost, size is crucial for him to sleep peacefully and restfully. Especially for the deep sleep phase, it is necessary that he can stretch out completely without his head or paws protruding over the edge of the sleeping area. Accordingly, the dog's sleeping area must be large. If in doubt, buy it a little larger.

The shape is also crucial. Although our four-legged friends like to curl up, it is important for their backs that it is straight. A round dog sleeping area is even more enticing and is therefore suitable for snoozing in between. For a restful deep sleep, a rectangular shape is better as it encourages stretching.

The material used also deserves attention, as it influences the quality of sleep. A soft fabric is comfortable, but offers no support for the muscles and back. It is therefore advisable to opt for a firm but flexible core. For this reason, beds and pillows are more suitable than baskets or blankets on the floor.

Finally, the position should be mentioned. Once you have decided on a suitable place for your dog to sleep, it is important to find the right position. After all, the surroundings also have a significant influence on your dog's sleep. Our four-legged friends do not like to be secluded, but prefer to experience what is going on around them. At the same time, too much hustle and bustle prevents them from resting. The ideal place to sleep is therefore quiet, but allows your four-legged friend to keep an eye on everything.

What owners value

The right dog bed is not just tailored to the dog. There are also a few things for owners to consider. Firstly, it is crucial that the chosen product is durable. This means that your four-legged friend will enjoy it for a long time, and it is also easy on the wallet if the bed lasts a long time. That's why we rely on high-quality workmanship and durable materials for hard-wearing beds, cushions and mats.

Once the dog bed has survived for some time, the next point comes. Over time, dirt accumulates and gets onto the material via the dog's fur or mouth. Whether it is food residue, saliva or dirt, it is important to clean the sleeping area easily to remove it again. For this reason, our products are wipe-clean or even suitable for the washing machine and tumble dryer. This makes it easy for you to give your pet a clean place to sleep.

Our wide range

In our range you will find a variety of different sleeping options for your dog. Whether dog beds, mats, cushions or blankets, we have the right thing for your dog. We also offer accessories such as inserts, replacement covers, cuddly cushions, igloos and care products. Our special highlight is the orthopaedic KUDDE bed. This dog bed is optimally adapted to the dog's needs. You can simply wipe the high-quality imitation leather or cover the KUDDE with a washable cover. Cuddly cushions and blankets are also ideal additions. Take a look at the selection in your free time and contact us at any time if you have any questions. We will be happy to advise you.